Not sure if this is this is the done thing by way of introducing myself

I’m Justin I’m 50 and I was taken from my home town of Carmarthen and have lived in England nearly all my life - I am Welsh though and very proud ! So sat in a quiet bar/coffee shop relaxing and listening to day 1/2 !! Wish me luck


Hi Justin, welcome to the wonderful world of SSiW! :smiley:

The forum can seem like a dauntingly massive block of info to begin with, but yes, you’re in the right place. Any questions/uncertainties/breakthroughs/general comments can all be posted in here (and you can search for similar previous queries too - because everyone pretty much goes through the same ‘mood-swings’ during the learning process! :wink: ) and you’ll find plenty of answers and support - it’s a very friendly forum :smiley:


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