Introducing Peter

Hi my name is Peter Lucas I am from New Zealand and I have been doing the SSIW, program I am doing well and have learnt a lot . I am enjoying the lessons and never thought that I would be speaking Welsh like I am , I have tried before however, I feel that this forum is the best for me. I read about the article on Intensive language training which is why I am here I volunteered for the Spanish bob sled. However, unfortunately the links are not working so I am just going through to the website I am on the fourth challenge I hope that is alright, I am enjoying this way of language learning very much and thank you. I am currently residing in Australia so all the best and thanks once again.

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Hi Peter - just gave this its own topic, rather than hiding you under the forum rules…:wink:

And a very warm welcome to the forum! Many congratulations on your Welsh, and good luck with the Spanish - let me know if you have any more problems with accessing the lessons (I think I’ve fixed all the links in the emails now!).

We’re a bit quieter over here on the Spanish side of the forum, but doing our best to try and get more learners on board, so with luck it’ll become livelier over time… :sunny:

Hola Peter. Mi nombre es Robert. Soy Neozelandes. Vivo en Nueva Zelanda en el Waikato. Estoy un estudiante de SSIS. SSIS es un muy buen curso. Completé nivel uno hace un tiempo. Todavía estoy aprendiendo español. Voy a empezar nivel dos pronto. Si a usted le gustaría skype mi nombre de skype es kiwinzrobert777. Mi dirección de correo electrónico es

Hi Peter. My name is Robert. I am New Zealander. I live in New Zealand in the Waikato. I am a student of SSIS and study Spanish. SSIS is a very good course. I completed level one a while ago. I am still learning spanish. I am going too do level two soon. If you would like skype, my skype name is kiwinzrobert777. My email address is


Has aprendido muy bien, Robert! Enhorabuena! :sunny: :star2:

Hola , and Kia ora, I am doing the Welsh course I have probably enough on my plate with that great to hear from you. The Welsh course is good Ive done Level 1, course 1, and I’m coming to the end of course 2 the intermediate course. Are you going to follow the World cup it’s getting close now I can’t wait. Hope to talk to you soon.