Introducing myself - Gaby

Hola a todos!

I’m Gaby, the male voice behind the examples in the SSiSpanish course. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina but I moved to Italy fifteen years ago where I have been living since.

I’ve been working on different SSi projects since 2010, so I’m very excited to see the beginning of a new Spanish language forum where we can help people with their questions and encourage us all in our language learning paths. I have personally learned Welsh using the SSi method and I couldn’t be happier with the experience so I can’t wait to hear how you grow to become a fluent Spanish speaker.

Weather you are an “old timer” or just starting with an SSi course, we’d love to hear from you. So please come join the forum and drop us a line.

Hasta pronto,

Muchas gracias y diolch yn fawr, Gaby! Great to see you in here :star2:

Hola Gaby

Great to hear from you again although I hear your voice regularly because of my involvement with the techie aspects of processing the challenges.

More importantly, Maureen and I are just embarking on the Spanish course prior to visiting Catalunya and Gwlad Basg next May.

Dymuniadau Gorau iddi ti a dy teulu di

Ww, it’ll be fascinating to get your feedback… :sunny:

Muchas gracias Huw!

I’ll be happy to hear how your newly acquired Spanish does during your trip to Spain next year. It’s a fascinating age we live in, when we can help people around the globe to practice a new language that they’ll be using in real-life situations.

Dal ati!

Hola Gaby,

My wife Eirwen and I have retired to Italy and we live in Liguria right on the French/Italian border. Eirwen and I grew up in North Wales and Eirwen’s first language is Welsh - mine English.

I am having fun learning Spanish and admit to two special challenges. There are too few people near me with whom I can practice speaking Spanish (so occasionally I resort to the internet to find people to speak to - not as much fun as the real thing). I wish there was a natural local group on either side of the border here to speak Spanish with.

For example,currently I can ‘’ play tennis in French’’ just across the border, or go mushroom or truffle hunting with Italian friends in Liguria and Piemonte’. Si I keep my French and Italian live.

The other special challenge is how close Italian and Spanish sometimes are as languages. Eirwen says I speak ‘‘Spitalian’’ when I think I am speaking Spanish. I can live with this and will work it out over time, but it continues to frustrate me that I haven’t yet found a local ‘‘playgroup’’ in Spanish,

hasta luego,