Introducing myself - DanG

Hello all. My name is Dan and I just purchased the first course. I haven’t listened to any lessons yet though. I just wanted to let Aran and Iestyn know that I learned about SaySomethingIn during a recent trip to Cardiff when I stayed with Anna and Rhydian. They mentioned one evening while we were gabbing that one of you had either stayed with them, or they knew you, or something like that.

Anyway, the website name is pretty easy to remember so today I went and joined up.

As for me, I live in the US, in Colorado. I’m a design engineer, enjoy reading (especially history and historical fiction), and have been around Spanish speakers my whole life. Took a few classes in High School, but never really got anywhere with it. Now we’re planning a trip to Malaga for next spring, so my wife and I are both looking to get a good start in Spanish. We both love to travel and want to be able to interact with the locals on a more informal / personal basis than your typical tourist does. Speaking the language should help with that goal.

Guess that’s it for now.


Hi Dan, and a very warm welcome to the forum! As you can see, it’s early days over here with the Spanish, but we’re going to do our best to build as friendly and welcoming a community here as we have over on the Welsh course… :sunny:

How lovely to have you find out about the Spanish course via a stay in Cardiff!

I’ll look forward very much to hearing how the course goes for you, and please don’t hesitate to shout out when you have any questions at all :sunny:

Hey Dan! That was me who stayed with Anna and Rhydian :slight_smile: Did you get to meet Moi? :dog:

Great to have you here!

Pretty sure it’s not possible to stay with Anna and Rhydian and NOT meet Moi!

What great people they are. And Moi’s a great pup too. :smile:

Loved my stay there and hope to see them again on future trips to Cardiff.