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Hi. I’m new here on the forum and to learning Welsh with SSIW. I signed up for the 6 minutes a day course about a month ago and I’m currently working on Challenge 4. However, although I only joined the course recently, I remembered that I had been getting emails from SSIW for some time, so I went back over my old emails. I then rediscovered a series of intro videos from Aran that I was sent last year and started watching them. Unfortunately though after I’d worked my way through the videos that I had, I realised that the set of videos was incomplete,as the last video made it clear that there should be more. The problem is that either I never received the further videos or I accidentally deleted them. The last one that I have is the one from week 9 about you being your own worst critic. Now I’m actually doing the course, those videos are super helpful, so if there are others out there I’d love to find them. Can anyone help please? Thanks

Helo @duncanbrown, if you send an email through to and ask there, we’ll be able to check if you’re missing any and get them sent through.

Thanks @Deborah-SSi. I just sent an email through now. I hope someone can help to sort this out.

I’ve passed your email on to our Tech Developer as he will know how many videos there are, but he’s super busy at the moment, so I’m not sure when he’ll get to it. Let me know if you haven’t heard in a couple of weeks.

Thanks @Deborah-SSi . I’ll keep an eye on my inbox and I will let you know.

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