Intermediate couse

I’ve just completed lessons 1-25 of the beginner’s course. South. In fact, I’ve done it a few times and I can now fluently walk to the pub in almost any tense, by my self, with any number of people or with the dog. A fantastic course! Well done SSi Welsh. I think I have done what is termed the ‘old material’ course. Is that right? So now I am eager to start the intermediate South Welsh course. How do I go about getting the material for that and is this the best plan?

Just looking back over this email and thinking how much of it I could say in Welsh. It really is very exciting.



Whichever course you did, if you can now fluently walk to the pub in almost any tense with any number of people or with the dog…you did great! :slightly_smiling_face:
Congratulations! :clap:

As far as I know, the available courses (that you might or might not see all at the same time, according on your subscription), are:

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 - South and North Version
Each level has 25 lessons (that you easily recognized cause they’re called Challenges) and 10 Listening Practices.

I can’t tell exactly when beginner level ends and Intermediate starts, but once you finish Level 1, you simply go on with 2 and 3!

(Previous) - South and North versions
Old Course 1, 2 and 3 and separate daily and weekly practices
I don’t know much about it but many people did those - before or after the other ones - and i’m sure you can find someone who knows more about them


Hi @RobertForeman

Sounds like you’ve been busy - well done! Ac yn barod am fwy!

…building on @gisella-albertini ‘s sound advice…you seem self propelled…and could go the ‘self propelled’ route…

This would involve a monthly subscription after Level 1, Challenge 15…but opens up all the material allowing you to move forward at your own pace - through level 2, 3 and advanced content.

Alternatively, if you benefit from some structure - weekly tasks - online chats etc., the six month course guides you through level 1 and 2, week by week, over that period.

So you could whip through level 1 (new course) and just keep on going?! ( level 2, level 3, advanced material).

Alternatively, based on your existing knowledge - and if you live in a Welsh Speaking area - you could just go down the pub and talk to people!

What a fantastic set of options!

Rich :slight_smile:


Just started Level 2 today using the old material so that I have continuity. Thanks for your advice. Next time I am in Betws y Coed at the farm where I camp and my Welsh is welcomed, bydda i’n cerdded i’r dafarn a siarad Cymraeg yno.