Interest in threads on the "old forum"

There were some threads in the old “original?” forum that I would still like to visit. There were discussions on BBC program(s) in Weish and there was a thread called “What’s Outside” or something like that. There are others to be sure. I hope I’m not being dense or overlooking something obvious … how can I we get to those threads?


I’ve got it bookmarked, hope this link works :smiley:

Aran has said that the old forum will become read-only, so although we won’t be able to add to them, the original threads will still be accessible. Keep that link!

Apart from discussions which start up again naturally over here, we’re also going to be thinking carefully about what we do with the material on the old forum - plenty of options, including bringing it over here in different ways - but for the time being, yup, will always take you back there, and we’re going to try and make sure it remains (in its own haphazard way!) searchable…:slight_smile:

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will carry on with the "whats outside " thread when embedded photo’s are possible here.
In the mean time really need to improve my Welsh commentary.
I’m going to miss the chemistry thread which is excellent in structure and content.

I realise it’s possible to use links but that isn’t as user friendly as scrolling up and down a thread
between images and any discussion.

Cheers J.P.

Embedding will come - for videos as well - so I’m sure the chemistry thread will survive and thrive as well…:slight_smile:

Rambling John said "will carry on with the “whats outside " thread when embedded photo’s are possible here.”

I look forward to the return of your thread!

In the meantime, here is a link to the latest bulletin of “LlenNatur”, which can be interesting, for anyone who does not know of it yet.

A very big thanks for that, no doubt a lot of new words but have to start somewhere.
Cheers J.P.