In the Valleys?

A quick note to let people living in/working in/visiting the Valleys that there is a new cafe just opening on the main street in Tredegar run by Welsh speakers, and with everything (menus etc) presented bilingually. The lovely lady who is running it is particularly keen that learners drop in to practise their Welsh, and would be really “wrth ei modd” to have groups of leaners using the place.

I stopped by for a Welshcake earlier on (just to be polite, you understand…) and it was looking really lovely. It’s called Caffi Seren, and it’s upstairs above the stationery shop on the street going uphill from the clock (Castle Street). Apparently, their Facebook page will go live tonight, so I’ll look for it and share it on the learners’ groups on Facebook as well.


How heartening!


Gwych. I originate from Beaufort (just up the Heads of the Valleys Road) and will certainly give it a try next time I visit family.