Impromptu meetup Caernarfon

On the off-chance, does anyone fancy a bilingual meetup (coffee or whatever) in the Caernarfon area anytime during this or next week? (weeks commencing 21/10/219 and 28/10/219).

Also, will there be a Palas Print meetup on Saturday the 28th please?

Just sounding out the possibilities at this stage. Thanks, John.

I’m off work this week, so free to pop down in the daytime pretty much all week - I’ll be in town Thursday for certain at some point. Next week I’ll be working, so not so flexible but can try and fit something in if next week suits others better.

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There will def be a Palas Print Panad & Sgwrs on Sat 28, so do drop in. Sadly, I won’t be able to go as we’re away, but there are usually loads of people there who’ll make you v welcome.

I’m around and about this week & next otherwise, but if you & Siaron sort a time, let me know & I’ll come along if I can.

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Hi @siaronjames would 2PM this Thursday at the Galeri be any good?

yep, that would be great :smiley:

Great thanks @siaronjames. Would that be any good for you, @Stine?

My wife, Glenda doesn’t speak Welsh - so I was just proposing a nice informal get together over a coffee.

Would anyone else be up for it?

Looking forward to it - it’ll be lovely to meet Glenda properly at last :slight_smile:

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really sorry @JohnYoung, but I have another appointment at the same time, so won’t be able to come and meet you (and see @siaronjames, of course!). Hope you have a good time & hope to join you another time when you’re up here.

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No problem, Justine, but was worth a try. We appreciate that everyone is busy and it was great to meet with you at the Parti Penblwydd.

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I’m flexible on time if there’s another slot that suits everyone?


Don’t worry, Siaron - this week is pretty stacked for me, tbh, so if you & John have already sorted something, stick with that, I’d say!

John, if you’re still going to be here next week as well, there will probably be a Panad & Sgwrs in the Neuadd in Y Groeslon on Fri 1 Nov at 7pm, which also a really welcoming session. Would that be of interest? If so, I’ll let you know once I get the confirmation it’d definitely happening.

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Hi All and thanks so much Justine and Siaron. Yes and of course we are totally flexible as well, whilst appreciating that everyone leads busy lives. If anyone has an alternative date or time please feel free to shout out. In the mean time it would be great to go far to stick with Thursday 2PM

Thanks, Justine about the Sgwrs for next Friday evening. It sounds great. I’ll wait to hear

We are loving our time here by the way. Everyone is so welcoming and we love being able to chat freely in English and Welsh within the same conversation.


Hi folks, the chat in Groeslon is on this Friday, I’ve had the email. It is friendly and takes place in the neuadd, you have to walk around the side of the building.
`Noswaith dda.

A reminder that the next meeting is this Friday at the usual time of 7:00pm.

Hwyl am y tro,



Sounds great.
As you will notice, I’m visiting the area. But would be great if I could pop in. Ill contact Alan ad requested.

Alun (by the way, not Alan) won’t mind at all if you just turn up. The neuadd in Groeslon is large and there are several tables set up so people can speak and be heard without struggling and you can mingle from table to table. There are usually half a dozen locals to chat to and tea and coffee of course.

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Ah great, thanks Rohini.

How did you guys all get on with your various meet-ups? Hope you got to meet a few new faces, John and thanks so much again to you and Glenda for coming and taking care of the house and dog for us whilst we were away! :slight_smile:


It was lovely for both of us to meet up to meet up with Siaron and to chat with the friendly and caring staff at the Galeri. Also really nice to meet all at the Palas Print get together. It was a shame that I didn’t manage to catch the Groeslôn meeting but I’ll definitely keep that as something to look forward to in the future.

Thanks so much, Catrin, Aran and family for allowing us to stay at your lovely cottage and a special big thankyou to Ceiri :dog2: for showing us around the neighbourhood :slight_smile: