I'm struggling to get going


I’ve completed challenge one but the following challenges I find tricky. I think I’m trying to do the full challenge when perhaps I should break it down into chunks for each day. Feeling like I can’t move forward as I can’t remember anything so I just want to repeat it until perfect. (trying to learn whilst looking after a 4 month old)
Im now meant to be in week 4 but I feel like I never cracked week two.
Any encouragement and management tactics welcome.



Hi Sophie, don’t worry, plenty of people have felt like this (and you won’t be the last either!). The SSiW method is very different to the kind of learning most of us are used to, and the initial effect of feeling that you can’t remember everything is completely normal. Also, the temptation to repeat until perfect is completely normal, but that’s not how the course works. As you move through the course, everything is repeated, and the information does go in (even if it doesn’t seem to be going in).
By all means, break it down into manageable chunks - whatever works for you is fine (especially with a 4-month old to look after!) - but don’t repeat and repeat, as doing so can just lead to frustration and put you off continuing. Move on through the challenges - as long as you are saying something in the gaps, even if it contains mistakes (mistakes are not to be worried about!), then you are making progress. Then, when you’ve done, say, 5, you can go back for a little refresher if you want, but the important thing is to keep moving on and definitely don’t aim for perfection. It sounds counterintuitive, but it does work :slight_smile:


You absolutely don’t need to be perfect before moving on. You just need to be able say something in the gaps, not even be right. The whole method reinforces the things you feel you don’t know in future lessons. And if you’re doing it with a 4 month old baby in the house, just getting ANYTHING done is amazing. Any day you do more than survive until tomorrow counts as a success!


I echo what everyone else is saying. I’m on challenge 4 now and things that I struggled with and couldn’t remember at all now trip off the tongue.


Let go of perfection. Trust your brain. It will work xx


Don’t worry! Everybody learns at their own pace, and remember the hare and the tortoise! One of the things I like about this course is I’m not comparing myself to anyone else, just myself, if that makes sense!
I find some words/phrases go in really easily, others not so I’m cheered by those that do and not disheartened by those that don’t.
And when I had a 4 month old my brain felt like mashed potato most of the time, so you’re doing brilliantly.