I'm new here! Looking forward to getting started on Monday! :-)

Hi, I have just signed up to the 6 month course and I am really looking forward to getting started! I’m new here (obviously lol!) so I have no idea how to navigate around the site or set my photo but I will have a play round later and see! I do hope I am doing the right thing by starting a topic lol! Nice to meet you all! I’m looking forward to getting started and getting to know you all! Hannah x


You are going to have so much fun - I envy you! Looking forward to hearing about your progress on the forum, and in time, practising speaking Welsh with you on Slack. Pob lwc! Good luck!


Croeso / Welcome to the forum. Why wait until Monday? You can do all sorts of naughty things before teacher arrives, like watch S4C with subtitles or worry about mutations. Enjoy. Remember to ask lots of stupid questions (which is hard as there aren’t any) and share anything related to learning Welsh here on the forum.

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Diolch yn fawr Bronwen! I look forward to practicing with you too :slight_smile: xx

I will watch some S4C, definitely! I know a little about mutations but not much lol! I’m really looking to getting started. Diolch yn fawr! xx


Croeso Hannah,

Welcome on board, from Welsh Yorkshire, ha, ha.

It seems like you’ve got posting on the forum pretty well sorted already. The forum is a really useful and friendly place for any questions or help.


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Croeso Hannah! Pob lwc!

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Diolch yn fawr Rich a Stephen! I have been looking through the forum and it certainly looks friendly and very useful! I hope you are both enjoying learning Welsh :slight_smile: x

Hi, Hannah, Croeso! I am Welsh but now live in Scotland (Yr Alban) and I am aged (as ‘hen’ = ‘old’ implies, and a bit of an old dragon too! (draig = dragon))!
A lovely Forum member and clever tech person from Slovenia, yes Slovenia in central Europe, set up a thread called 'Really useful ‘How to stuff…’ . Let’s see if I can remember how to send you a link. To get back, click on left hand arrow above!!
Found it! Click here!

A very warm welcome to the forum, Hannah! And well done for jumping into Slack as well… with that kind of involvement, you’re going to do brilliantly :star: :star2:

Diolch hendraig! I love your members name, thank you for translating it for me as I wouldn’t have known what it had meant at this stage otherwise lol! Thank you for the link, I shall take a look into that now! Diolch! Thank you for a lovely welcome too :-). x

Diolch Aran! I’m really looking forward to getting started :slight_smile: x


Welcome from me too @hannah-7. If you have any additional question I might not go through in “Really useful stuff” topic you can always ask here on the forum and here’ll surely be someone to reply swiftly.

Good luck in your learning journey.

Thank you @henddraig for your lovely mention although I’m not writing on here too often anymore. Diolch.

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You are a sad loss to all you have helped over the years!

Oh, well, not loss really. I’m still here reading and when I think I can help with something I do so, but it’s just that I don’t have any particular wise and helpful thing to say right now so that’s why lack of my posts. I’ll let people rest from my long, sometimes confusing and not too useful posts for a while. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry though. I won’t run anywhere unless someone said I have to. :slight_smile: