Ifor ap Glyn's 'Popeth Yn Gymraeg' series

Following a recent request by a SSiWer, I have managed to find some DVD copies of the series Cwmni Da produced some years ago called ‘Popeth Yn Gymraeg’. There is some info here about it:
https://www.s4c.cymru/popethyngymraeg/e_index.shtml . There are full English subtitles throughout.

We think we may have a box of more copies tucked away, but for the moment I have 10 more copies stashed in my work cupboard which I have been given the go ahead (from both Cwmni Da and Aran) to offer to SSiWers.

The DVDs will cost £7.50+P&P each and whilst we are happy to post them anywhere in the world, please bear in mind that they are in the region 2 PAL format meaning that they may not play on some systems outside Europe - please have a look at the links below before ordering if you’re not sure about how DVD region coding may apply to you where you are.

If you’d like a copy, I’ll need you to send me an ‘order’ to me at work (including your postal address so we can work out the postage), then we will send you an invoice to be paid by bank transfer and once the payment shows, we will post out the DVD - so please send me a PM and I can let you have my work email address :slight_smile: .

Cyntaf i’r felin caiff falu!
(“First to the mill will get to grind.” English equivalent: “First come, first served” or “The early bird catches the worm.”) :wink:


This is hugely recommended - it was a terrific piece of work, and will be particularly interesting to anyone who’s done a Bootcamp challenge…:slight_smile:

@Deborah-SSi - one for next week’s email? :star2:


Hi, I tried to find the DVD through ebay, but failed. Could i buy a copy from you ? cheers rich P

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yes, of course you can Richard. I’ll PM you now.

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Hei @siaronjames, ga i gopi o hwn os gwelwch yn dda? Ddylwn i anfon neges PM i ti ar y forum?
Hey @siaronjames, could I grab a copy of this please? Should I PM you on the forum here?

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yes, of course you can, and yes please PM me so that I can give you my work email address :slight_smile:

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Quick update -
I’m about to sign off for the night now, but I thought I’d just say that I’ve had 7 requests so far (thanks everyone!), so at the moment there are just 3 DVDs left available (although I’ll be chasing up that elusive, mythical, box of more as soon as I can - I just hope it exists!).


By the way, for those of you outside the UK who might be put off by the “(international) bank transfer” bit – I used TransferWise to pay for mine and the money ended up in Cwmni Da’s coffers extremely quickly and the fees I paid for the currency conversion were reasonable, I think (€2.06 including credit card charge) – certainly better than what I paid my own bank once for a euro-to-Swiss-franc bank transfer which were in the double digits and more than the amount of the transfer.

(PM me if you’d like more information.)


Hi, @siaronjames, I’d also be interested in a copy, if there are any left. :slight_smile:

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Hi Karla, yes I’ll put one aside for you. You’ll need to email me at work to order one, so could you first send me a PM so that I can give you my work email address please? :slight_smile:

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I would like a copy, please, if you still have one. Thank you


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Certainly Raymond - you can have the last copy I have available (unless that other %@$&£* box turns up!) :slight_smile:

You’ll need to order from me at work, so if you wouldn’t mind sending me a PM, I’ll let you have my work email address and we can go from there.

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Until we manage to find the box of more DVDs that various staff members seem to think is lurking in the dark niches of one of our storerooms, I’m afraid that’s all copies spoken for at the moment. Thank you everyone!



And thank you, Siaron!


You’re welcome! I’ll have to see what else we’ve got tucked away now :sweat_smile: . Shame I’m not on commission eh?!!


Those went quickly! But deservedly so… :slight_smile:

I’ll say!

Edit: Oh, and aren’t Cwmni Da glad you spoke to them about it? Went away like hotcakes, earning them some money, rather than gathering dust in a storeroom.

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Yes, they were quite surprised at how much interest there was and how quickly they went. Everyone is now keeping an eye out incase “that box” turns up :wink:



I’m very pleased to announce that a certain Mr Ap Glyn found 8 more ‘Popeth yn Gymraeg’ DVDs in a cupboard in his office today - and thinks he may have another few at his house! :grinning:
So (until he brings in any he’s got at home) I’ve got 8 if anyone still wants one.

Once again, any orders will need to come ‘officially’ to me at work, so here’s the process again:

  1. If you’d like a copy and live outside of the DVD Region 2 area, please make sure you are happy that you will be able to view it where you are.
  2. Make an initial request to me via a PM here so that I can give you my work email address. (I will reserve your copy at this stage).
  3. Send me an email at work requesting a copy and remember to put your full name and postal address in the order.
  4. Once we have calculated the postage cost, I then forward your order to our Accounts Dept who then email you an invoice to pay by bank transfer.
  5. As soon as they see the payment shows up they tell me, and I post your DVD!

The thing is, I’m not actually back in the office now until Tuesday (9th May), so I can’t get to step 4 until then, but you’re welcome to apply steps 1,2 & 3 in the meantime!

… and could I remind anyone from the last batch who hasn’t sent me an email at work yet to please do so - I’m keeping DVDs aside for you at the moment, but can’t get them any nearer the postbox until you do! Diolch! :slight_smile:


Awesome work. Let us know if there are any left by the time the email goes out… :slight_smile: