If the lesson material changes on you, check old or new

Hi, everybody! My name is Medda (pronounced like MAY-duh). I’m a recent addition to the SSi Community, and it so happens that I’ll be diving right into it with a technical question. I began practicing Northern Welsh with a couple of friends a few weeks ago. On the very first lesson, I happily discovered that SSi had a phone app! I used it before our initial meeting, only to discover that the course material was different from the regular website. I triple-checked to make sure I had selected the correct lesson and region, and upon opening the site on my laptop confirmed that the material is indeed different between the two. Thus, in order to stay on track with my group, I forsook the app in favor of the main site and all was well. Last week I used the regular website to practice Course 1 Lesson 3. I repeated the lesson later the same day on a friend’s laptop. Still, all was well. Then, yesterday, I went to brush up on the same lesson (course 1 lesson 3 North) and the material was different (reminiscent of my trouble in using the app). I checked all the usual things, making sure that I was on the correct region and lesson, even pulled it up on the app. Eventually I sent a message to my study buddy to see if he was having the same issue, which he was. Here is where I felt like I had seen a unicorn: our third companion pulled out her phone to download the app and her lesson 3 was the one we couldn’t find! I feel like I’m going crazy! Can anyone explain this discrepancy of material to me? In one of the posts I saw a mention of old and new versions, but I don’t know if that is pertinent or not. Thanks in advance for any help!

Guys, I figured it out! It was a matter of old versus new. I just clicked on the “View All Challenges” option, selected the new Course 1 Lesson 3 and voila! Evidently I switched it up without noticing. The pleasant intro music now serves as my indicator. Thanks anyway, all! Maybe this will help someone else at some point :slight_smile:


Hello and warm welcome to the forum first. Congrats for your learning path so far and thank you for bringing this issue to the light.

Since I’ve seen questions about this here and there on this forum (a week or two ago there was almost the same question raised in another thread) I presume I’d need to include somethng about this in my “useful how to” thread too no matter it was originally aimed to mostly explain things about the forum. I’ll do this later on.

And, yes, this is the matter of New VS Old material. The indicator besides the music can also be that the old courses are named “Course” (1, 2 and 3) and the lessons in them are “Lessons” (1-25 usually) and the new courses are named “Level” (1,2 and 3) and the lessons in them are “Challenges” (also 1-25 usually although Level 3 is not entirely finished yet).

Hoep it helps.

Pob lwc ac dal ati! (good luck and keep going)

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the welcome and prompt reply, Tatjana! I’m glad to be here :slight_smile: