Iestyn on Radio Cymru today - Dal Pen Rheswm

I’m just about to listen to this as I missed it live -
Iestyn was talking about SSiW and learning online.


I love it! Brilliant point to get in at the end there @Iestyn

If every current Welsh speaker would go out and persuade one non-Welsh speaker to take up the 6 Month Welsh Speaker course, we’d have a million speakers by September!


Sorry to be a pain, but could you tell us how long into the programme Iestyn arrives and for roughly how long he is speaking so I can pick a time to listen that will not interrupt it?

Iestyn is one of the 3 guests that speak all through the programme, so he’s there from 5 minutes in after the news and weather until the end.


Brilliant ! I heard it on the car radio this lunchtime. Perfect listening while driving through a blizzard . It was a really good advert for SSIW


Thanks for posting. I am not quite a third of the way through level 2 but it is amazing how many words and simple sentences I can pick up now. I just need to work harder on my lessons.

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Thanks for sharing Dee, lovely hearing Iestyn

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Good job Iestyn! Really enjoyed and some great points made.

I made a very similar point on S4C earlier this year (mind the humblebrag there!!)

Welsh Assembly Thinking
Let’s spend the best part of 35 years arriving gently at 1,000,000 Welsh speakers
(Not that I don’t support this, but I do think the number is not enough and the time to get there is too long)

Nicky Thinking
If all (roughly) 600,000 Welsh speakers in Wales alone - taught one non-Welsh speaker the language we would arrive at approximately 1,200,000 Welsh speakers before Christmas 2018.

Now, where is my office in the Senedd?
I wonder what type of company car I’ll be getting?