Iaith ar Daith Series 4

Iaith ar Daith is back with Series 4 and will air every Sunday evening at 20:00 on S4C, BBC iPlayer, and will then be available on demand on S4C Clic.

Here are the celebrities which you can look forward to watching over the next few weeks:

In the first episode this coming Sunday evening the 7th of May, Joe Ledley will be taken on a taith around Cymru by Dylan Ebenezer.

Here’s a video of Joe learning with Aran:

Here’s what inspired Joe to want to learn Welsh:


I saw the clip of Joe Ledley earlier! So impressed with how he did, I bet his mind was spinning after all that :smiley:

Is that Hair Bear Hero Adam Jones? I’m looking forward to that one…

@aran -are you going to do a flashback séries about if the people on the other series kept up their Welsh ?