Iaith ar Daith Series 1 - what did you think? Questions?

So the first Iaith ar Daith is about to hit your screens - in the next three or four minutes! - Carol on her journey around Wales with he-plays-the-drums-too Owain the weatherman…


What did you think of it? Any questions? If there are some good questions in here, I might be able to persuade Carol to pop in and answer some of them, you never know… :slight_smile:


I started watching it and I was about to write "Oh great I can see it from here!
Until…all of a sudden they realized they had made a mistake and cut it off. :sob:

But the part I was able to see was fun. And I can really relate with her experience, as a learner out in the wild, so I’d definitely love to see the series someday!

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Oh, no, what a pity! Sorry about that…

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It was great how Carol started with the first sentence from the start of SSIW: “Dw i isio siarad Cymraeg achos…” It’s brilliant - I’m really enjoying it! :slight_smile:

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So, my burning question is… does Carol keep on learning Welsh?! :slight_smile: I hope so… she was doing incredibly well! :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed the programme and found Carol’s level of language very impressive for only 2 months learning. Did she have some intensive instruction?


I actually sat down to watch it tonight with my wife, who is not a Welsh learner, so thank goodness for the English subtitles which meant she could follow it. And I have to admit, I found myself looking at them from time to time, too! Quite useful learning aids in themselves, I thought. Enjoyed the programme and looking forward to the next one!

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I thought it was great. It reminded me a little of boot camp as Carol grew into the language over the days in a similar way. My question to Carol would be this. Now you are going to be a regular visitor or resident of sir Benfro will you be switching to Iestyn on line or sticking with Aran for the duration?


Oh yes - she’s ultra serious about it, she’s going to be completely fluent, no doubt… we had a couple of intensive days before she filmed, and we’ll be pushing on through with more… and she’s safely northernised now, Macky… :wink:


Hmmm, wait until she a regular of the Sloop in Porthgain and she may wobble westward.
Well done by the way you taught her well. I’m looking forward to Scott Quinell as he’s naturally funny and so is Sara Elgin.


I just finished watching it with the Welsh subtitles and was able to understand almost all of it. I learned some new words too. I think it’s a must watch for learners. I even got a little teary eyed at the end. Carol did so well!! I think she and Owain need their own show yn Gymraeg wrth gwrs. They were great together.


Brilliant! I’m so glad to hear that! Carol is the perfect person to help raise the profile of learning Welsh! :slight_smile: And my other question is… what on earth had she got in that huge suitcase?! :rofl:


After finding out from the other thread Iaith ar Daith (Social Media)
that the programme had reappeared, I saw the whole episode.

I can definitely confirm my first impression and add one reflection that I found particularly interesting:

when I saw the first social video/promo for the show about why they were learning Welsh, I noticed that their background and motivations had ZERO similarities with mine when I started SSiW:

I’m not Welsh.
I have no Welsh ancestors.
I don’t live in Wales.
I had never been to Wales before.
Hardly knew the language existed, had basically no knowledge of it at all, and certainly never had learning it in my bucket list! :sweat_smile:

However, now I’ve seen the episode, I realize my own experience as a learner experimenting my Welsh in Wales in the wild a few months after starting the Course is… almost IDENTICAL to theirs!

Well, minus the cameras following me, and being a celeb, of course. :grin:

But I have to say that people reactions to me (a foreigner) trying to speak Welsh were always so enthusiastic that it made me feel so much like a celebrity anyway that…it’s really almost the same!

Of course well done SSiW.:+1: Although hey @Macky, we’ll have to work on getting more Southern accent out there! :wink:

p.s. Uh, forgot to mention I’ve also noticed there’ @aran in the intro!


It was a great watch and hopefully will influence people to have a go. Carol did incredibly well in very pressurised situations; teaching a class and being a guide isn’t easy at the best of times! Owain was great fun and put Carol at ease and the chemistry between the two of them was great entertainment.

Having done my own ‘Taith heb Saesneg’ I can fully sympathise!

Looking forward to watching the rest of the series.


Yes, My wife and I really enjoyed it. Also the bilingual approach made it so interesting to non-welsh speakers. it reminded me of the bilingual gigs that are around at the moment, so encouraging. Not forgetting SSiW as well, of course.

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The next 4 people on the series will have chosen southern Welsh (I think) so it will be interesting to see if Aran sneaked a few Northernisms in whilst mentoring them. I’m glad you’ve managed to watch that episode and hopefully you will enjoy the rest. This is a really good shot in the arm for SSIW and dare I say this dreadful virus may also given people the incentive to try a second language. It’s funny that you don’t know any of them as celebs as they are very famous Welsh personalities.
Stay safe. :sunglasses:


Yes I agree. I thoroughly enjoyed it and managed without subtitles which was a great confidence boost for me too. Owain often does the weather for "Look North’ (Northumberland) so, in this part of the world, he is well known and respected for his enthusiasm and inclusive style . I also agree that

they showed that learning Welsh can be a fun experience rather than a struggle.


Actually, @Gisella-albertini, that notice was put up during the ad breaks, and then when the ads were done the show came back.


I watched the 1st episode this morning, it was great! Looking forward to the next episode

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Watched it, enjoyed it and understood more than I expected to! It was motivational too - look what you can achieve! Enjoyed seeing some familiar places too. :slight_smile: