I will have/take...translation (North)

Fe gymera i…?

As a general rule, it’s usually best to provide some context to such translation requests.
But, yes, Fe gymera i … is a pretty straight translation of I will take …

If you use this, for example, while ordering in a restaurant, you will certainly be understood, although I personally would prefer
Fedra i gael …? - Can I have/get …?
or Liciwn i gael … - I’d like to have/get …

Or just … "Ga i … " If you use fedru/gallu you’re asking if you have the ability, where as cael (so ga i / gei di / dwi’n cael caws ar fy mrechdan, be’ gest ti yn yr amlen, etc.) is more like to have, get or receive.

By the way, “can I get … ?” in english … one of my pet hates. :joy::rofl::joy:


Yeah I agree, “ga i…plîs?” Always for ordering


Yes, context is the key -

Fe gymera i ofal - I will take care (=I will be careful)
Ga i baned o goffi? - May I have a cup of coffee?

We are very polite in Welsh - asking for something in a shop is always “may I have”, as Anthony said :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the comments and help. I too would always prefer the polite version. I got it from a phrase book as it hasn’t come up in Course 1 or Challenge 1. I thought it was a useful one. Phrase books don’t seem to deal with N & S differences.

“Ga i…” Doesn’t change north to south either. It’s universal :blush: