I was born

Having just done vocab 4 of course two, (talking about myself) I was still none the wiser on how to tell someone the first fact about myself, namely where I was born. I tried to find out by looking around the web, combining what I found with what I knew, but the best I could come up with was either" mi gefais fy ngheni" or “roedd gen i fy ngheni” Are either of these correct please?
Secondly, I’m considering my options for when I eventually feel I can leave the vocabulary lessons (which, incidentally I am finding difficult and very intensive and I’m not at the halfway stage yet!). I had thought I’d go onto course three, but it was suggested by Aran a while ago in answer to a slightly different question, that there was merit in going back and doing the new course one.
I can see that this would help reinforce and consolidate what I have already learned and perhaps correct earlier errors and omissions. This is what I’ll probably do, but I wonder if anyone had done this, and, if so, I would appreciate their guidance

S’mae Bryan?

I would say “Ges i fy ngeni…”. For example Ges i fy ngeni yn 1961 ym Mirmingham.

With regards to the new Level 1, it is well worth doing that before course 3.



Hi, I had the same debate after finishing Course 2 and then bootcamp this July. Recommend without hesitation doing the New Course 1. It is much more about day-to-day conversation and it has definitely not felt like I have wasted time. My confidence in my ability to say the ‘ordinary stuff’ is much better. Don’t be fooled by the initial slow pace either, things pick up quite quickly!!!


Thank you for the prompt response Stu. Seems I was fairly close with my ideas but it’s good to have the correct version as, as far as I can see, it’s an essential part of telling someone one’s life story, should the opportunity to do so arise.
Regarding what to do next I’ll happily follow your advice.
Many thanks again.

Thank you a_jay.
As I said to Stu you have confirmed what I felt was a sensible course of action so that is the way I’ll go .I must admit that I have not apparently retained certain basics well enough to recall them instinctively in conversation, (ie some verb endings) so hopefully doing the new course 1 will help consolidate things.

Croeso! Pob lwc efo dy Gymraeg a gadewch i ni wybod sut ti’n gwneud dros yr ychydig misoedd nesa’.



Diolch Stu. Byddwn