I was astonished

This morning, a group of Welsh speakers who know I am learning carried on their conversation in Welsh. One man was relating an accident he witnessed involving a car and a caravan that was being towed, where a person known to the others sustained minor injuries. He said that he went with her to A&E and it was very busy, and they had to wait for hours to be seen.

Apart from getting totally lost with a couple of sentences being run, I actually picked up most of what was being said. Having just finished level 2, I almost fell over backwards. That was the biggest conversation I have been involved with where I understood so much. When I didn’t understand, I asked them to explain, which they did, but then I had to remind them to carrying on the conversation in Welsh.

I felt very proud of myself, but I know I still have a loooong way to go as there is still much I don’t understand. This confirms to me that I am well on the right path moving forward.


That’s a significant milestone - well done! And well done on having the confidence to ask for explanations and for insisting they carry on in Welsh, that’s definitely the way to go :slight_smile:

Fantastic @breacan-griffin! That’s a huge leap forward! :clap: