I want to learn because

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I am doing a course called ‘ReMembering’ and I have just started an MA in Celtic studies and I have been living here in Wales for 22 years and for some reason NOW I seem ‘called to learn Welsh’ - and because SSIW is making it possible for me to learn and I am so grateful…:). gayano


Hi gayano-shaw.

I’m planning to do the MA Celtic Studies at UWTSD…would love to know how you’re finding your course.


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Ahh…Bora da Liz. Dioch yn fawr. Hoffin i bod ti wedi y gofyn!

There are many layers for me about appreciating starting Celtic Studies - though I have now moved to historial studies so that I can focus the dissertation in a way that I want to (they have some of the same moduels). I would be happy to talk on the phone if you like about it? let me know and I can send a phone number…in care, gayano

Thanks gayano,

Would really appreciate a chat.

Are you in the UK?