'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'

I want to become a Welsh speaker so I can join in conversations with friends and at work in Welsh, I live in an area where there is lots of Welsh spoken and I’d like the confidence to join in.


… I regret not sticking with it after school. Learning Welsh now would make me feel like I have achieved the impossible. I would also love to be able to speak another language so 2 birds…


Erm…because I live in Wales. Because I would like to speak with people in my community in their native language, to become more a part of what goes on locally. It is embarrassing that I have been going to classes for many years and know lots of words but still cannot speak except in class. This course is really, really helping! Hwyl, Wolfe


to have chats with my partner in our native language and to one day work and live in Welsh


53 years ago, on the day I moved to England, on my first day of a new career I was approached by a new work colleague and asked the following question. Hello boyo do you speak Welsh? I informed him that I was unable to speak a single word. The retort I received burned in my soul to this day, “so you are just an Englishman with a funny accent” Following that encounter I tried many ways to learn Cymraeg but with hindsight I never stood a chance. That has all changed thanks to SSIW in particular to the 6-month course, I am only on week 5 but at long last I can stand proud as a Welsh speaker.


So I can say stuff like “Sbiwch yn y maes 'na. Dyna geffyl brown yn gwisgo siaced efo streipiau du a gwyn, sy’n gwneud iddo fo edrych fel Sebra”

(“Look in that field. There’s a brown horse wearing a jacket with black and white stripes, which makes it look like a Zebra”)

Yes, I actually saw the same in Deiniolen yesterday. And the stripes were wavy in a Zebra-like way. Now I want one of those jackets. If I don’t get a real horse to put it on, it would make a rather different Mari Lwyd in the New Year …



Here you go :slight_smile: https://www.kramer.co.uk/Full-Neck-Fly-Rug-Zebra-with-Belly-Pad.htm?websale8=kraemer-pferdesport.47-GB&pi=422069&ci=261827&prod_number=422069-7_0-WS&ref=Produktportal%2FgoogleUK&subref=422069-7_0-WS

I was thinking about buying one for my horse, but I’m not sure I can stretch to that amount for old Fatso.


I have lots of Welsh speaking friends who I’d like to talk with in ‘our’ language and we’d like to visit Patagonia and speak Welsh there!


I want to learn Welsh because I feel robbed of a part of my heritage, from a decision that went back to the days of the ‘Welsh Not’ in my family. I don’t want my grandchildren to feel the same way when they grow up.


That’s both powerful and very familiar. With that kind of feeling in your heart, you WILL achieve this. :slight_smile:

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I have been trying to learn Welsh for years too, since I met my husband who is 1st language Welsh. I have done 3 different evening classes and never been able to speak outside of class. Now just starting week 8 of the 6 month course I’m having conversations in Welsh with my husband every day :grin:


Da iawn, Sonia a croeso!

Because I teach in a school in Cardiff, and have to use incidental Welsh. I’d love to be able to truly understand the Welsh culture, and feel that learning the language will help with this.


That’s brilliant @soniakw! :clap:

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…because I want to be able to buy milk in the co-op,stamps at the P.O and nails at the ironmongers in Welsh in Penygroes when I visit my daughter and son-in-law who live nearby. What difference to my life will it make? When I can do that I will sing my little head off on the drive back to Lancashire. (and it won’t hurt to be an old codger dad impressing his daughter and her husband - who are way ahead of me in learning Cymraeg…)


I want to be a Welsh speaker so that I can communicate fully with friends and work colleagues, and to add to my cultural experience.
Ok, so I know that I cheated and that’s 2 reasons really :wink:


I want to be a Welsh speaker because / dw i’n moyn gallu siarad Cymraeg achos…

I’m hoping to go to Bangor University and I want to be able to speak the community language of Gwynedd, just as I’d learn German if I went to study in germany

Dw i’n gobaith astudio ym Mangor a hoffwn i fedru siarad yr iaith gymunedol Gwynedd, fel byddwn i’n dysgu almaeneg os ro’n i’n mynd i astudio yn yr Almaen


It will be such a positive example to your pupils for them to see you diving in like this too! :star2:


Oh - we just did!

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