I saw a sign in HSBC that confuses me greatly. Could somebody explain why it is written as it is?

http://imgur.com/SMdRne5 <this is the poster in question.

It reads: " Gwelwch gyfrifon eicho gwahanol fanciau gyda’i gilydd mewn un lle".

I find the word order quite strange and have never come across the word “eicho” before. Is it correct?

Nope, typo… :slight_smile:

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Why’s it not ‘bancau gwahanol’? And do you think they meant ‘o eich’ or just ‘eich’?

That would be ‘different banks’, where as ‘gwahanol fanciau’ is ‘various banks’


Looks like a genuine extra keystroke to me - I reckon they were aiming for ‘eich’. :slight_smile:

And thank heavens for Louis! I was stuck figuring out how to explain the other bit well… :star2:


All credit to HSBC, though: until a refurbishment a couple of years ago they were the only bank in Stowmarket (Suffolk) to have bilingual signage and paying in slips.
Occasionally we also see a mobile post office with bilingual signwriting, but I think this is probably borrowed from a central depot when the normal one is out of action.