I don't seem to be able to log in

I went to log in to see if any more Spanish lessons had been released and it takes me to a login page. When I put in my email and password and click log in nothing happens. I’ve tried it in Chrome, IE and Firefox with no success.

I have tried the reset password link but I haven’t got an email yet.

Does it use the same login as the forum as I’m clearly still logged in here!

The forum and the site are meant to have single log-in enabled, but it’s clearly not working for you right now - I’m just going to tag @kinetic and ask him to have a look at this for you :sunny:

Sorry for the pain-in-the-neck-ness!

Sounds like this is just something going wrong at the point of login, and nothing to do with the forum or single sign on - but I’ll have a look now to see if I can spot your attempts in the logs… :slight_smile:

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If James is still logged in on the forum, shouldn’t he still be logged in on the rest of the site? :sunny:

Hmm. I can see your attempts to log in, and it seems none of them resulted in an error. I also just tried briefly resetting your password and logging in as your account myself, and it worked fine, so it doesn’t seem as though there’s anything wrong with your account.

In such a situation I’d normally suspect your browser and suggest you tried another one in order to test the theory, but you already said that you’ve tried a few browsers with no luck. I don’t suppose you have JavaScript disabled on your various browsers, by any chance?

No, I’m afraid it doesn’t (and can’t) work that way. Discourse single sign-on means using the same credentials, and not needing to enter them separately, but it’s still actually a separate session, so possible to be logged in on one and not the other.

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It’s all working now - I don’t know if the password reset made a difference?

I’ve bought the four sessions released since I last got some.

How do I find out about new lessons being released other than by logging on and checking? Is there a mailing list or anything? I haven’t noticed anything in the forum digest emails.

We don’t have a very clear structure for this at the moment - we’re trying to be a bit more disciplined with the ‘News’ category, so your best bet for now would probably be to ‘follow’ that category - details here: