I chose NORTH when I should have opted for SOUTH

I cant find out how to change from N to S dialect, Dee has kindly emailed me how but the option she said doesn’t exist - what am I doing wrong :frowning:

Hi sarah, are you using a computer (browser like Chrome, Firefox etc), the app for IPhone or app for Android?

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I’m using both, I’ve managed to change on my iPhone but cant change on the laptop, and its this which my husband and I will be using, also I need to be able to access the website from different pc,s so do need to change this.

Hi @sarah-burgess if you scroll down a bit you’ll see the “Switch to…” option, to switch to the dialect you aren’t currently on

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Hi Nicky

My screen doesn’t look like that… :frowning_face:

Im very confused


Hi @sarah-burgess, what do you see if you go this page linked here?

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arrrr, I didn’t sign up, my pc screen has “1 sentence in Welsh…”, there are no “challenges”

The app didn’t charge me, wasn’t aware that I had to pay sadly I cant afford to

Hi @sarah-burgess it’s been a long time since I’ve done any learning on SSIW, I’m more of a friendly helpful lurker these days - so apologies on that.

Can you send me the link of the page you’re currently on?

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thanks Nicky - aka FHL lol

I’ll open this up to others - as the 1SentenceInWelsh program is new to me :smiley:

Is this program the same as others with an @aran version and a @Iestyn or is this just an Aran one?

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As a subscriber I cannot see the 1SentenceinWelsh lessons on the computer (I go straight to Level 1, 2, 3 etc).
However I noticed that on the Android app, I can.
Now I downloaded the first and even though I’m logged in as South, I hear unusual pronounciation, and isio instead of moyn so I would guess there’s only @aran version.

But now I’m confused, if @sarah-burgess was able to change it on the iPhone app. :thinking:

If we can’t figure out anything else in the meantime, I’m sure someone from the staff will appear to rescue her (and maybe once they’re here they can also explain the options available after these lessons).

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Hi Sarah - the 1sentence stuff isn’t split north/south - we’ve tried to keep it fairly neutral - you don’t need to choose north/south until you finish the 1sentence stuff and start on the first challenges (which will show for you once you’ve done the one sentence).

The one sentence intro is all free, and if you’re quick you can still get all of Level 1 for free (that’s about to be cut back to just 5 lessons, because we’re finding so many more people finish the paying courses - but there will be an option to apply for a scholarship). :slight_smile:

Hi Aran

Am I supposed to do the sentences section before the challenges?

How do I apply for a scholarship as I won’t be able to afford to pay for any course and I really want to learn to speak Welsh

Thanks Sarah

Yes, that’s right - the challenges aren’t available until you’ve done the intro sentence, so that we can make sure you’re getting the right advice at the right time.

We don’t have a standard scholarship application form - we’re currently working through a backlog of applications - we try to give five 50% scholarships and one 100% scholarship each week - at the moment, the only way to apply is by emailing admin@saysomethingin.com, explaining why you want to learn, and why you need a scholarship… :slight_smile: