I can't

How would you write “i CAN’T”?

it sounds like “ath -lie thim”?

I’d write it as “alla’i ddim”.


OK, but i mean like can you write it the way you say it?

well you already pretty much did that in your post! :wink: The only thing it’s difficult to write down phonetically is the LL sound because there is no English equivalent.


Yeah that’s what i was thinking, i wasn’t sure if i did it right because the spelling doesn’t look like anything it sounds like…which is something i should get use to!

it’s spoken as “thim” right? not “dim”?

yes, ‘dim’ is pronounced the same as in English but in ‘ddim’ the dd in Welsh sounds like the th in the english word ‘the’ (but not like the th in the english word ‘think’).


Got it, thanks. Yeah i’m noticing the beginner of words changing relative to the previous words, especially “i” . I think it’s called softening or something.

yes, “i” can cause a soft mutation in a number of letters. Don’t worry about it too much - the mutations can seem overwhelming at first but the SSiW method gets you used to hearing when they occur and the grammar as to why they occur can be caught up with later on.


Did you do all of the challenges?

no, I learnt Welsh before SSiW was developed - I’ve just been helping out on the forum a lot!


Are you fluent now?

yes, I’ve had to consider myself fluent for a long time now (I’ve worked with a Welsh speaking company for 12 years now) - although if by ‘fluent’ you mean ‘never make mistakes’, then no! :wink::smile:

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Yeah i realized you never really master anything, it’s like art, you’ll always be learning and progressing endlessly. The other day, i was reading something on some other website (welsh related) and i read “croeso i gymru”, like i was fluent in understanding, i didn’t have to think about it, if you know what i mean.

It was a nice feeling.


By that reckoning then I’m still not fluent in english but it has only been 47 years so there’s still time. :wink: