I can only get course 1 level 1 ? In say something in Welsh

I used to be able to get all the course but now can old get course one level 1. I lost my phone and now iv got the app on my new phone I can’t get the full coarse??? Can any one please help me :crossed_fingers:

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Have you subscribed to the course Ryan? If not, that’s probably the reason (only the first lesson on the new course is free now). If you have subscribed, are you using the app on android or IOS? (so I know which tech pro to tag for help)

I’m using android do you have to pay a monthly fee for the subscription? Thanks you siaronjames

Yes, it is a paid subscription and the cheapest monthly fee is £10 - these are the subscription packages o offer: https://discover.saysomethingin.com/learnwelsh6

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