I am disappointed with the revised version of Automagic. 🥺

I have tried all the SSIW, including trying the Old Course from time to time, for variety. I did some of that again just this morning.

The AutoMagic is by far the one that I prefer, as I can absorb better the listening with reading. So many thanks for that!

Yes, I know that at the beginning of the former SSIW you told us that seeing the words would have a negative impact on our understanding and speaking, but that is not the case with me, in any of the languages that I have learnt. I need to be able to visualise the word as well as to hear it in order to remember and learn.

So, Automagic is by far my favourite SSIW.

Up to now. :frowning::frowning:

Because I dislike the new system where you can move back or forward.

I dislike it because instead of moving back just a tiny bit, similar to the 10 seconds on videos on my iPad, so I can choose to move back 10, 20, 30 etc seconds, It seems to move back a long way. I say it seems, because I don’t really know, but it certainly doesn’t just repeat what I have just missed, which is what I need.

And now we have no way of speeding up or slowing down, depending on how we feel, or how we want to give ourselves a challenge.

Rewinding, re-listening, re-listening again at a lower speed - all these help me. And that used to be possible with the former SSIW versions, pre AutoMagic.

What I would like, what I expected to see, when you announced a revision, was something similar to the former SSIW, and the Old SSIW, where there was a short back (and forward) to get what you’d just heard, PLUS a speed line at the bottom, so you could listen S.L.O.W. at 0.5 or super-fast up to 2.0 times normal speed.

So I am disappointed, I’m afraid.

AutoMagic is still my fave, but I am disappointed, and am going back to the pre-AM version, with no text, from time to time.

Mae’n ddrwg gen i. :frowning::pleading_face::frowning::pleading_face:

Well, if Automagic was working for you in general, you can simply carry on using it as before, by just ignoring the buttons to skip back/ahead.
As for how much is skipped/repeated, I think it may take some fine-tuning by the programmers “to get things right”, and such feedback as yours is really important to gauge how people perceive the new feature. After all, it has just been introduced.

But you still have the possibilty to set the speed like before, it just appears to have moved from the “Learn” section (the screen you land on when you start Automagic) to the “Settings” section. I hope this piece of information alleviates your disappointment.

Pob lwc, a dal ati!


Oh, wow, @Hendrik , that is very useful to know where they have hidden the speed-up slow-down feature!

Thank you for that tip!

I am persevering with AutoMagic, as I said, it works for me with the dual input visual-aural, and at pushing 80 I need to keep on at it, I know, as my brain no longer has quite the flexibility it had when I was 30!

Diolch yn fawr iawn! :kissing_heart:


What it does when it moves back, is to go to a previous block of what you’ve been practising. It doesn’t give you exactly the same, as the practice sentences vary per person and the particular setting they are on, so the system can’t keep track of exactly what you personally have just done.

So it takes you back to a relatively recent point, then gives you more practice from that point, hopefully covering what it is that you missed.



Thank you Deborah.

So it is giving you more practice of recent structure/vocab, rather than enabling you to listen again to something that you couldn’t grasp ten seconds ago.

That is helpful to know, thank you.


Yes, that’s the idea

Some more feedback – I couldn’t actually tell what the skip back button did, and the explanation above is helpful. I would like to see would be a all of these:

Skip Back (a unit)/Skip Forward (a unit)
Repeat the previous sentence
The old “how are you doing” options to speed up / slow down (especially with the encouragement given to try faster speeds to increase learning intensity).

These are still available in the Settings section.

The other feedback I’ll pass to our Tech Team - diolch yn fawr :slight_smile: