Hwyliaith events over the Summer

If you’re looking for opportunities to use your Welsh this summer, look no further.

Hwyliaith runs the Live Welsh Weeks in Garth Newydd, Lampeter and we have a special weekend in August with ‘Map Addict’ Mike Parker.

This is the perfect opportunity if you’re a teacher and don’t get enough opportunity because you’re so busy.

Treat them as holidays with the benefit of doing everything in Welsh with loads of support around you.

The aim is to have lots of fun as the title suggests.

You can book now on www.paned.cymru


:mega::mega::mega:Calling ALL TEACHERS who wish to raise their confidence over the SUMMER holidays! :mega::mega:

You won’t prove another experience like it :partying_face:

@DaveH is coming from Durham
@susan-w-lewin is coming from Tazmania :partying_face:
…and many more!

Hwyliaith events coming up……

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