How to use onibai

Prynhawn da, I used onibai (unless) in a sentence today, and one of our group asked is the word onibai a stand alone word or one of those that changes depending on whos doing the action? Diolch

The only words that are inflected depending on the person are verbs and some prepositions. onibai is a conjunction, so it stays the same.
Example: Dwyt ti ddim yn gallu ymuno’r cwrs onibai bod rhywun yn tynnu mas.You can’t join the course unless someone pulls out.

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Can ymuno be used without a following preposition? It is usually followed by a circumflex but I may have come across efo as well.

If you’re going to join ‘something’ then you need the â or ag that follows ymuno e.g. dw i’n mynd i ymuno â’r grŵp - I’m going to join the group

but if you’re just saying something like “I’m going to join” - then it’s fine to say dw i’n mynd i ymuno

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