How to unsubscribe

I’m about to finish Level 1, and I wish to finally subscribe to this great venture SaySomethingin and go on to the next level. Even though the site informs us that we can unsubscribe at any time, I am unable to find this is done. If and when I wish to unsubscribe, how do I go about it?

Diolch yn fawr.

If you’re not subscribed yet, (so you’re not paying member) you can’t unsubscribe either. if you’re already subscribed, then you will see a “button” under your subscription, telling you “Cancel subscription” however, you’ll still remain subscribed until the periode you’ve payed for is finished. After that you should be unsubscribed as wished. If this doesn’t happen (by weird tech coincidence) you should allert @aran, @iestyn or @Kinetic about that and one of them will surely be able to help.

For now: enjoy your subscription. I bet you’ll enjoy it so much you won’t want to unsubscribe unless life plays too hard tricks on you (which I hope it will not though).

Oh, and, of course, you manage your subscriptions on “learning page” (from forum you go there by clicking on link “Challenges” right top of the forum page) and not on forum page itself.

For all wondering and you didn’t read it yet: Forum profile and profile on the learning page are TWO SEPARATE PROFILES which with that on forum page you manage your forum appearance, bookmarked topics, PMs and what’s more to it and on Learning page you manage subscriptions, Growth club subscriptions and what’s more to learning subject of any language not just Cymraeg.


Note: If you’d want to change the plan rather then unsubscribe (one language to Polyglot or vise versa) you’ll have to unsubscribe one plan and go for another. If I still remember correctly, “upgrading” from one language to Polyglot doesn’t work well and as you see there’s no “downgrade” button once you’re Polyglot subscriber.

I hope I’ve manage to put in everything you wanted/needed to know.



Diolch yn fawr Tatjana.