How to unsubscribe from the Welsh course

The Welsh course has been great, but I won’t be using it for foreseeable future so please cancel my subscription. I wasn’t able to find a button to unsubscribe myself anywhere.


I cancelled and refunded the latest payment earlier this afternoon, and have emailed you to let you know. Thank you for your support over the years…:slight_smile:

For others: people who subscribe on the new site can click on their name in the top right hand corner and then ‘Subscription’ in order to cancel their payments…:slight_smile:

Just to clarify: So if people originally subscribed through the old site, they can’t cancel or change their subscription through the method you described, but need instead to ask you to do it?

but need instead to ask you to do it?

No, very much not - people who set up a standing order can (in fact have to) cancel it themselves with their bank - people who set up a Paypal subscription can cancel it themselves with Paypal, or if they have any difficulty with that can ask us to cancel it in our account.

Obviously, it saves us time if people do it themselves, but we always help if asked because we don’t want anyone to get stuck.

Please cancel my application before I lose my box ! Howard Dwyer

I suggest you email Howard, where your request will be able to be dealt with quicker.

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