How to subscribe

Hi all - I have searched the forum but can’t find any recent information about how to subscribe to the Spanish challenges beyond number 5. I don’t seem to have to ability to do this through the app, and the website isn’t clear about how to do this other than taking me to a ‘sign up’ form with no information about what I am actually signing up for or how I will be able to access challenges. Any guidance will be much appreciated.

Hi Samantha - When you’re logged in, loading the page at should show you the subscription option in the middle of the page, with a yellow Proceed to Payment button. What you would be signing up for is a recurring monthly payment of £10 plus any local taxes (e.g. 20% VAT in the UK), which can be cancelled at any time (on the subscription page at While you have an active subscription, you’ll be able to access all the challenges on the app, or indeed on the website, as long as you’re logged in.

thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

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