How to set up and record to an account in SoundCloud

Go to

Click on ‘Create account’ over there on the right:

Then choose to log in with Google or Facebook or your email address:

And you’re in - clicking on ‘Upload’ over there in the top right is where you can load new sound clips.

And if you want to share a clip, you come down to where it says ‘share’ underneath the clip itself:

That will open a pop-up window, and you just need to copy the url at the bottom of that window and then paste it into your post in the forum.

For a quicker and faster experience with uploading sound clips, get the Android app here:

or the Apple app here:

and you’ll be able to record straight into your mobile phone, and it will upload automatically (you’ll still need to go through the steps above to share it to the forum, though).

Any questions, fire away… :slight_smile:


I don’t get the screen to add an account when I install the SoundCloud App
It just shows option to listed to music

Hmmm… so the interface is different - are you on an Apple or Android device? What navigation can you see? :slight_smile:

So I have found that I can’t set it up in my iPhone so I am trying my laptop and it has brought me to the right place place now.

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Just need to figure out how to record a clip now.


I’m somewhat bemused to discover I already had a SoundCloud account, although I have no recollection of opening an account there and I had no idea what my password was so I had to change that. But now I’m stumped. I have NO idea how to record anything to upload there. I don’t own a smartphone or any other mobile device that might have a microphone and a way to record stuff. :frowning:

@brendahalliwell and @shirleysmith are you using Windows on a PC? If so there should be a built in sound recorder function in the start menu. That’s what I use. I record on that, it saves to a folder in ‘documents’ then in Soundcloud I upload it and can copy the link as in Aran’s post above into the forum.

Hope that helps.

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I’ve got the SoundCloud app. I have account set up
I have recorded my Welsh word but it won’t upload!!

Any idea

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Sorted it out now!! And shared on Slack!


I am using Windows on a PC, but I don’t see a sound recorder function anywhere. Although, to be honest, I have no idea what that would look like, so there might be one that I’m just not seeing.

Hi, stupid question alert:)
So I’ve made an account and have the app on my phone, but google says you can no longer record/upload on the app and has to be through a desktop. I only have an iPad at the moment (backpacking leaves little room for computer!) which I can at least get through to the upload page. The only option I have is ‘choose a file to upload’ then it only lets me pick from photo or video. So question is, will uploading just a video of me talking instead of a sound clip work? Or am I missing something else totally obvious?

The only workaround I can think of would be using an app. I’m not sure if you are on the 6MWS course but people have posted their iOS workaround for uploading sound clips on there. I use AudioCopy then upload to my YouTube channel. As AudioCopy won’t upload to Soundcloud for some reason for me.

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Shirley, do you know what version of Windows you’re on? It might be worth you looking for this: - or, if not, it might be a good idea for you to download Audacity:

That sounds pretty irritating for you - sorry! Yes, video will work fine - the only reason I don’t nudge in that direction from the start is that most people find it scarier - but in the long term, video is a better medium to get used to, I’d say… :slight_smile:

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Thanks:) I’ll try a couple of apps see if they work then if all else fails I’ll brave a video😂 and yes I’m on the 6M course.

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There is a good explanation in the Slack group on the way a few people got recordings from iOS platforms on to Soundcloud. I’ve posted my way on Slack as well in case it helps anyone.


I installed a free app called Voice Record Pro on my iPad Mini last year. It makes very clear, good quality voice recordings. I’ve just tested it, and it has an option to save the file to SoundCloud. You need to set up a SoundCloud account first, but then it works a treat. I presume it would work for iPhones as well.

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Finally figured it out! I hate Windows 10, everything is either hidden in weird places, or named in ways I’m not expecting. :frowning:

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Well done - I share your pain at the move to Windows 10 - I lost a bunch of stuff the first time and had to un-upgrade and then try again later… :scream:

Un-upgrading wasn’t an option for me. I bought a new laptop as I was afraid the old one (Windows Vista) would soon die…and it came with Windows 10 already installed. Vista is so much easier to use!

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Hello Siaron. I recorded on my iPhone, plugged my phone into my laptop and dragged the file into my soundcloud. For some reason there is no record button on the new version of SoundCloud. I guess I forgot to then put it into the forum.