How to send my messages on the forum I see no "send" nor"submit anywhere

I Ihave written message but do not know how to send it. there is no SEND" word on the page


In the bit that pops up for you to write in, there are dark blue boxes at the bottom (next to a grey one that says “cancel”). If it’s a private message, the box says “message”, if it’s a reply, the box says “reply” and if you have started a new topic, the box says “create topic” - click on the blue box to send/post.


Bemused, I am thinking, “But you sent it! I am reading it!” I will now press reply!

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Can someone recall if I’ve written the guide about this?

Let’s see if I can find it.

10 mins later:
I didn’t write anything about THE MAJOR THING and that is - posting on the forum - because I thought it’s more or less obvious to everyone. So, if there’s a need to do such instructions I’ll do them in the next 1 or 2 days.

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Yes, If you mean private message, I think you click the message button, bottom left when you are ready to send/submit.

For main Forum it’s reply or post, depending on which section you are in. :thinking:

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You can definitely get yourself in a pickle on this in the App whereby the reply becomes positioned in the lower half of the screen and the Reply button is then behind the main menu which runs along the bottom of the screen on a phone.

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Sorry, Siaron, I’ve just noticed that you had already explained.

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