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Shwmae, I was wondering if anyone can help, I was wondering how to ask the question "what is your favourite…? " in the Norther and Southern, its a question that arose this evening in practice and we wasn’t too sure about it, many thanks Steve


Not much difference between north and south here:
Beth ydy / yw dy hoff … ?
ydy tends to be used more in the North, yw in the South. And the thing after hoff undergoes soft mutation:
Beth yw dy hoff fand Gymraeg?What’s your favourite Welsh-language band?


That’s brilliant, thank you very much

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Thank for your answer Hendrik, would the answer be "mae fy hoff yn…
Our practice group is thinking about asking questions like
Beth ydy dy hoff ffilm?
Beth ydy dy hoff chwaraeon?
Pwy ydy dy hoff actor/actoress?
Would the answer be
Mae fy hoff ffilm ydy starwars
Mae fy hoff chwaraeon ydy golff
Mae fy hoff actor ydy Harrison Ford

The replies would be

Star Wars ydy fy hoff ffilm
Golff ydy fy hoff chwaraeon
Harrison Ford ydy fy hoff actor


That’s brilliant thanks you very much

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