How to say wnes

Helo :slight_smile:

Just wondering with the pronunciation of ‘wnes’— I’m doing the Northern dialect and on the recording, Aran’s voice (at least to my ear) sounds more like ‘nesh’ while the female voice is more ‘nes’, like a clean ‘s’. Am I hearing things?? Thought I should double check before I solidly learn one either way.


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No, you’re not hearing things. Either way is fine, it comes down to personal preference and what’s most common in the area you’re in.


Great, thank you— I think I’ll go with ‘nes’. Greetings from Awstralia! <3


So pleased that you asked that ! I have pondered this many times when listening ~ I was wondering whether there was a slight North / South variation . . .

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As mentioned the Nes or ‘Nesh’ sounds are just different dialect /area preferences. I hear nes I more often, but I have friend from yns mon who says ‘nesh’ i. I use nes, it’s what ur comfortable with. Its not explicitly a north/south thing as far as I have experienced.

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