How to say very helpful

Shwmae, how would I say
“the people was very helpful”
“The people are very helpful”

If you are looking for a word-for-word translation, the best match would probably be cynorthwyol:
Oedd y pobl yn gynorthwyol iawn.
You could also reword it slightly to
Oedd y pobl yn awyddus i helpu. (literally The people were eager to help.)

That’s great Hendrik, thank you, I’ve heard of awyddus but never heard of cynorthwyol,

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It is also ok to use ‘help’ in Welsh.

So you could also say ‘Roedd hynny yn help mawr’ / That was a big/great help.

Or you could use the word ‘defnyddiol’, meaning useful - ‘Roedd hynny’n ddefnyddiol iawn’ / That was very useful.

So in your context above, you could use the following -

‘Roedd y pobl yn help mawr.’ :slight_smile:

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The dictionary (GPC) also has helpadwy, which is rather nice in the way that it starts off all English and then ends thoroughly Welsh. However, if it doesn’t occur to native speakers to suggest it, it may not be the most useful word.

It doesn’t, however, have **helpus, which I thought sounded perfectly cromulent, so I am disappointed.

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