How to say 'my', 'your' etc

I know how to say I’ve/you’ve/etc got something as in mae car da fi but if you want to use possession in a sentence like ‘where is my/your/etc dog?’ what would be the various structures?

Ble mae… Where is…

Fy nghi (i)…my dog
Dy gi (di)…your dog (singular familiar)
Ei gi (f/e/o)…his dog
Ei chi (hi)…her dog

Ein ci (ni)…our
Eich ci (chi)…your (plural/ formal)
Eu ci (nhw)…their

Rich :slight_smile:

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At the risk of upsetting the purists, and if you don’t mind sounding like you’re nineteen, ci fi, ci ti, ci fe/fo etc works fine in informal situations.


How do you mean “sounding like you’re 19” ? Is that a more slangy thing that young people use?

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Yep. Spot on.

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