How to say 'isn't it'

Could anyone help me with the different ways of saying ‘isn’t it’ in Welsh?

I’ve learnt on’d yw hi/e but I’m doing the Old Course at the moment and one of the Vocab Lessons in Level 1 uses yndife (spelling corrections welcome!) with the stress on the yn-. Is this just another variation?

I know on’d ŷn nhw is similar and wondered if you can make a similar construction for all pronouns? on’d wyt ti maybe?

We’ve learnt yn fyddet for the conditional as well, so is there a way of saying ‘weren’t you’ as well? Something like “yn oeddet” which is a complete stab-in-the-dark guess! :grin:

As you state above, the tag “isn’t it” is translated as on’d yw e/hi, and yes, ondife is just a variation on that, and this tag is used for both male and female, so it would be completely natural to say
Mae hi’n braf heddiw, ondife? (It’s nice today, isn’t?)
Applying this logic you can then extend the pattern to all kinds of grammatical persons and tenses, so on’d yn nhw? is aren’t they?, on’d wyt ti? is aren’t you?, and so on.

I must admit that I am a bit shaky on forming the tags for conditionals, but from my understanding, yn fyddet translates to a positive tag would you? that you’d stick at the end of a negative question, such as
You wouldn’t leave me, would you?Fyddet ti ddim yn 'ngadael i, yn fyddet?
(And the according negative tag wouldn’t you? should be na fyddet?:
You’d help me if you could, wouldn’t you?Fyddet ti’n helpu fi taset ti’n gallu, na fyddet?
But like I said, I’m a little shaky there myself, so I’d welcome additions and corrections.)


Thank you, good to know I was on the right track!