How to say "I made a few mistakes"

Shwmae, I’m just wondering how I would say “I made a few mistakes”
Would it be “fe wnes i ychydig camgymeriadau”? or would it be something else, I’ve seen gwall/gwallau = error or mistake in the app geiriaduron,

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You can’t use ychydig, as that is only for “uncountables”, like ychydig o ddŵr - a bit of water.
In this case I’d use ambell i followed by the singular:

Nes i ambell i gamgymeriad.


Diolch Hendrik, I didn’t know that about ychydig,

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Yes, in the course you get ychydig o ffrindiau :slight_smile:


Lol, thanks Hendrik, I was getting worried, thank you for your help

Sorry @Hendrik - since we had an updated version of the forum, weird things are happening. I have no idea how my comment quoting you above ended up looking like it came from youl!

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Not only that, but parts of my answer were lost in that process, as well.

O yes, sori! Somehow, it wiped out what you said and just kept the bit I’d highlighted!

I really don’t like this new version of the forum software. It seems to me it’s a case of “fixing things that weren’t a problem!”

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sorry that it’s misbehaving - strange stuff! Hope it’ll settle down soon…

Mae’r “software” wedi gwneud ychydig o gamgymeriadau. :laughing:


Just a thought …in level 1 North Wales we are taught to say ychydig o ffrindiau and yet friends is a countable noun… ?

Yes, that was mentioned above - Hendrik explained it, then somehow that message got partially deleted. Gremlins after a new software update!

Just to clear up any remaining confusion and to reiterate what I said in the post that was gobbled up by forum gremlins: contrary to what I said in my first answer, you can use ychydig with countable nouns, but then you have to use the plural. For uncountable nouns you use the singular. So it’s:
ychydig o ddŵr - a bit of water
ychydig o ffrindiau - a few friends


Diolch for your help Hendrik

If my mother (Cymraes o Langadog) heard anyone ask for “tipyn o laeth” in their tea, she would correct them saying “diferyn o laeth” / “drop of milk”. I’m sure she would have accepted “ychydig o laeth” too.

This probably explains where I get it from - pedantig? fi? byth! :smile:


In answer to the original question I would say Gwnes i sawl camcameriad. Again using the singular.