How to propose to my gf in Welsh?

Hi, my girlfriend is a welsh speaker and I’ve just recently started to learn the language. I’d like to propose to my girlfriend in Welsh but not sure how to. I believe the correct phrase is Wnei di fy mhriodi i? and I’m also unsure as to the pronounciation. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.


I can’t help unfortunately but I’m really looking forward to the replies. This promises to be the forum’s most romantic thread :heart::heart:
You will let us know her answer won’t you? (Unless she turns you down, of course)
I need hardly ask - you have carved her a Llwy Cariad / Love Spoon, of course, haven’t you?
Pob lwc, ychan :crossed_fingers:

I can tell you that “Wnei di fy mhriodi i” means “will you marry me” but I’d go for something like “will you do me the honour of becoming my wife” but I don’t know exactly how to express that in Welsh. :slight_smile:


I’ll record the sentence for you tomorrow on Soundcloud. :wink:


diolch yn fawr

Here you go @chris02 - Gair y Diwrnod - Word of the Day

All the very best and let us know how it goes! :wink:


You just say Naeth hi frifo? Did it hurt? Bewildered, she will then say Naeth beth frifo? Did what hurt? And then you will say Pan syrthiest ti o’r nefoedd When you fell from heaven.
She will then instantly ask YOU to marry HER.


then sign up for “Priodas Pum Mil” on S4C!

Hi, just wanted to let you know that the proposal went well, she said ‘Yes’ and my then girlfriend is now my fiancee. Thank you for providing me with the phrases. Even though the proposal in Welsh wasnt perfect, it certainly went down well with her :grinning:.



Great news. :grin: Congratulations and best wishes to you both. :congratulations::heart::heart:

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Now its surely time for you to sign up for Priodas Pum Mil on S4C!!

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Heartfelt congratulations to you both, I’m so chuffed. :heart:

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Fantastic news - HUGE congratulations! :star: :star2: