How to post in 'Speaking Practice'

I think it will be very helpful in here if we have a standard pattern for titles - to help people look for the kind of practice they need most.

How about this:

Decide if your question is SIMPLE or not. If it is, put SIMPLE at the front of the title.

Then: Question from [your name].

Then the level YOU are working on at the moment in brackets: [Level 3]

So you might have:

SIMPLE - question from Dafydd [Level 3]


Question from Sian [Level 1]

How does that sound?

Any ideas for improvement?


Ah, I had wondered whether the “level” I had seen in some titles was the level of listener that the question was aimed at, or what.

And my worry was for me that I’ve supplemented SSiW with so much external material (and, truth be told, not listened to the SSiW exercises for so long) that I’ve forgotten what is covered in which level and what is not in SSiW at all, so I would be hard pressed at times how easy or difficult a given sentence would be for a new learner in terms of grammar and vocabulary.

But if it’s the questioner’s own current level, that’s easier to determine :slight_smile:

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Exactly so… :slight_smile:

Hmmm… maybe we should make it 'currently doing Level… ’ just to make double sure that everyone gets it… :slight_smile:


As I haven’t done the levels, should I go for something like “Welsh speaker (2nd language)”?

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Yeah, good call :star2:

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This is great! I’ve listened to all of the SoundCloud recordings and it immediately sparked my interest and resolve to record my own pretty dreadful self! Felly… I’ve registered with SoundCloud and now have an account, but how on earth to do I record myself/create the sound file to (presumably) upload, share etc? Anyone have any clues? I’m running a pretty up-to-date convertible laptop that’s running W10 and kept fully updated, and I had a good sniff around SoundCloud, but couldn’t see anything obvious about how to record yourself. Help! And whilst on the subject of Level 3 after the Xmas and New Year break in regular ymarfer I decided to go back to about challenge 22 of Level 2 and work my way back up again as I had found where I’d got to (L3, Ch. 3) pretty bewildering. Having now clawed my way back up again, I’m still finding it hard, but not nearly as hard as a month ago - phew! And yes, I’m old enough to remember mangles! I always found it fascinating watching one being used. Anyway, I digress. Congratulations to the team for the wonderful work and especially for developing a few more challenges past no. 9 of level 3 which is where it’d got to when I last downloaded sometime in November, dw i’n meddwl.


Yes, go for it Caroline! There are a few different ways to record and I guess it’s down to personal preference as much as anything, but have a look at this thread where many of us posted which methods we use - Keeping up and technical problems

Personally, I use the built-in Windows 10 voice recorder on my laptop, then upload the file to Soundcloud, then share from Soundcloud to the forum. Others have other ways , but that’s what works for me.


Gwych. Thanks loads @siaronjames. Maybe I’ll get a chance over lunch. In the thick of kitchen plumbing works ar hyn o bryd


Congratulations Caroline. If it’s any comfort, the latest challenges seem less difficult. Probably because so much of the time is spent on the necessary spaced- repetition revision, that there really isn’t too much new stuff per challenge.

Regarding the practicalities of uploading: please ignore my comments on the above-mentioned thread.

I actually follow Siaron’s excellent explanation.
Pick Voice Recorder from your list of Apps and record your message.
In your Soundcloud account, click Upload and select the recording from the “Browse” option. Then save. A blue box will come up with the file name highlighted…


:tired_face:… Copy the highlighted file (as mentioned above). This is your link.
Come back to this page (?)
Paste your copied link.
Voila! (I hope) :confounded:


I think the only way you can do this directly in SoundCloud is via their app - which lets you record straight to the cloud - otherwise you’re stuck with recording locally and uploading… :slight_smile:

I just used this to learn how to edit a file name on my Soundcloud recordings. I’ve removed the sound file from here now.

Sorry to bother you all.
Please feel free to delete.

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OMG, here goes:


Brilliant, well done Caroline! :slight_smile:
I’m tagging Jane @Jane so that she can hear it (because it’s here rather than on her question thread).

Don’t forget to do your 5-minute list so that @aran can turn your pink bubble red (and record a question of your own so you can go ‘green’, then he’ll be able to give you your blue bubble for answering a question!)

You’re off to a flying start!


@siaronjames Hah! All those colours, very appropriate to sail through with flying colours. Right well… better get on with it, I’m still only salmon pink.

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If not earlier you’ll get red at the end of the weekend as during the weekends usually our techys or @aran aren’t too hard at work here on the forum. :slight_smile: But you never know …

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Well @tatjana - they work galed iawn, so they deserve some down-time! hwyl fawr!

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A tip: if you make the link a paragraph of its own (if it’s the only thing on its line, no spaces in front of it, and a blank line before and after), it will turn into a little embedded box where you can listen to it right from inside the forum thread:


diolch yn fawr @philipnewton - tatjana has kindly said the same and I’ve now got a handle on it as they say across the pond. It works too - that’s a bonus!