How to make mistakes

Don’t normally share things here from Facebook, but this just struck me as the perfect SSiW attitude towards making mistakes as we learn our new language. Good life lesson as well.


Absolutely! It’s your attitude to your mistakes that’s all important, and from what I’ve seen of your Welsh on Slack you’re taking every learning opportunity that comes along @Baruch :sunny:


I would like to ask Escher (if that were possible - he died in 1972) to draw a picture of someone putting their foot in their mouth, making a staircase idea of the Facebook picture from the previous post. Preferably a tessellating design…
Don’t want a lot, do I!!?
Love that picture @Baruch !!


Oooohhh, yes, perfect. :slight_smile:

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Just adding to this topic with a classic schoolboy error hoping to laugh at myself and learn from my mistake.
Good friend school teacher in bright sunshine :. Bore da
Me: Nos da :thinking:


This is long but shows a changed attitude in YouTube editing… Martin decided he needed to show his mistakes, failures and frustrations. (Shared already in #random channel on 6mws Slack) @Baruch nice thread here! Diolch!

Parental Guidance: some swearing and Swedish at 8 mins in.