How to get stuff from Soundcloud to Stack

So, I actually managed to record something onto soundcloud. I eventually found it again. It strikes me soundcloud is designed to help other publishers bombard you with stuff that you can’t remove from your feed.
Anyway I digress. So, now I am trying to work out how to share my 5 second question to Slack so people can find it, listen to it and let me know whether or not it makes coherent sense. Can I work that out? It’s quicker multitracking a song on my Computer than working out Soundcloud.
Does anyone have any advice. I’ve looked at loads of help online but it all seems to be geared to computers rather than phones.
Thanks in advance. I’m. The new Mr Man. Mr Baffled.

You can* post your question here on the forum in the ‘speaking practice’ section - it doesn’t have to be on Slack. (to post it here, you just copy the ‘share’ link and paste it in)

  • I’ve asterisked this because although I said ‘can’, I have no idea how to do it from a phone, but I’m sure there must be someone who knows how those phones work!

Thanks Siaron, I’ve posted something but when I look at it on the post it looks like it’s also trying to attach a song I listened to on Soundcloud. I think I’m just going to use the sound recorder on the phone in future as Soundcloud seems to add unnecessary complexity. I won’t be too sad if I never have to use soundcloud again.

Yes, lots of people seem to have trouble with soundcloud, so if you have an alternative by all means use that instead (it’s the end that counts, not the means!)

S’mae Siaron, dw i wedi postio fy nghwestiwn. Could you let me know if you can see it on the forum please? It should be filled under soaking practice but I’m not sure it worked.
Diolch yn fawr ar diolch am eich help.

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Yes, I’ve found it and it works fine (and I’ve put what I thought of it on that thread :wink: )

I’ve moved it from that thread into a topic of its own :slight_smile: That way more people can find it and you’ll start to get answers coming through.