How to download challenge 2 on the app. North Wales

Bore da… I have the app and have listened to challenge 1. I can’t find challenge 2 for north Wales… it seems to be the old course or south wales. Any help would be great.



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Hei, I’m new here, but I just came to report I have the same problem and am hoping for a solution.

I finished Lesson 4 yesterday, but when I tried downloading Lesson 5 today, the app started asking for a log in (I am logged in), then deleted everything in the North section, except Introdiction and Lesson 1. I uninstalled the app (android) and installed it again, but nothing happened. I can’t figure out if the issue is on my side or the app’s.

Hoping this can be fixed because I really enjoy this course.
Diolch, M.

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Hi @paddy-riordan

You can click to the North course in settings on the App - click on Settings (little cog wheel) in the bottom right hand corner - click on North in selector - see image below.

Rich :smile:

Hi @hiraeth

Do you have a subscription of some sort? Only challenge one is free now but depending on when you downloaded the App you may have been able to download more at that point.

( If you don’t currently, I can definitely recommend it - it is the best £10/month I have ever spent in my life! :grin:)

Rich :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello, @rich, and thanks for your answer!

No, I don’t have a subscription, I didn’t know you’re supposed to have one, everything worked until today. The odd part is that the app didn’t give me an option for it (to let me know it’s not free anymore and to inform me where and how to pay). I’ll look it up and then decide.

Thanks again for your help!

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