How to access Level 2 north

Please advise how to access/pay for Level 2 north.


Well, now, you didn’t tell much more so I don’t know if you’re subscriber or not. Level 1 is for free but level 2 and 3 are subject due subscription of 3.65 (or so not sure though) monthly subscription. So if you’re not subscriber yet, you need to do this first. You can subscribe via your profile on the LEARNING PAGE clicking on your name and from the dropdown menu pick the “subscriptions” link to click. You’ll have new page opened where you have all your subscription data or it says what subscription you have to disposal if you’re not subscriber yet. After subscribing you’ll be able to access both - Level 2 and 3 and also the old material of all 3 levels.

On the phone app unfortunately you can’t manage your subscriptions so you’ll have to go to website through the browser - the best and most secure way from PC and not the phone or iGears.

If you’re a subscriber then you have to tell us a bit more what the problem is. It can be just some technical issues the staff is not aware of.

Hope it helps at least a bit. For more we’d need more information.

Tatjana :slight_smile:

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