How someone can help you speak Welsh even if they can't speak it! :)

Ever since my husband oveheard one of the challenges, he’s been making up sentences in English and saying them to me - with an amusing Welsh accent - for his own entertainment. Some of them are too silly, but when he comes up with things like “You need to eat lunch but you don’t know how to say it” I’ve been trying to say the Welsh, and found that for some of them I can! Its great! Extra practice! :slight_smile:
Today we went out on our tandem and I put the list of triggers for the practice sentences in the back pocket of his cycling jersey so I could do a bit of practice on route. I looked at the list from time to time and mumbled along to myself quietly in Welsh (when I had enough puff!) Great! Extra practice time! :slight_smile:

Then he hit me with “You need to pedal harder but you’re too busy speaking Welsh!” I’m working on it, but would be happy to hear any suggestions (or good replies!) :slight_smile:


Mae angen i chi bedlo ’ n galetach ond rydych chi ’ n rhy brysur yn siarad Cymraeg

Sorry, that’s not me being clever. That’s from a translator web site. Anyone know if that’s right?

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It’s not incorrect Rob, but it’s ultra formal!

I’d say “Wyt ti angen pedlo’n galetach ond ti’n rhy brysur yn siarad Gymraeg”

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Thank you both! That first one does look at bit tricky, but I think I can master the second one! :slight_smile:

This is great!:grin: I need to get mine doing this :thinking:

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