How is the vocabulary chosen for SSiW?

I’d love to know how the words included in SSiW are chosen. Are they based on any kind of frequency list?


@aran would be the best person to answer this, @sheila-4. He’s travelling with work today, but I’m sure he’ll log in and answer as soon as he’s able to. :wink:

Do I need to re-post it with his name on? Sorry I’m not very good at this

No, not at all, Sheila. I just found your post without a reply so thought I’d tag Aran as he’s the best one to answer this question, and I thought that tagging him amidst his busyness, may mean he’ll hopefully see it sooner rather than later. :wink:

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Sorry for the delay!

There’s a combination of different things, learnt from lots of unsuccessful iterations… :wink:

So now it’s a combination of word frequency, collocation frequency and conversation modelling - bit of maths, bit of science, bit of art… :wink: :slight_smile:

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