How is it going?

In most Latin based languages the phrases-

How is it going?

How did it go?

are used frequently as a friendly enquiry about how your work-day went or how your trip went, how your exam went etc.

In Welsh is ‘‘mynd’’ (go) used in a similar way or would one typically say:

Sut mae pethau heddiw?
Sut oedd pethau heddiw ?


In South Wales you’ll often hear ‘shwmai’ ‘shwmae’. But this is more of a general greeting.

You can also use these informal greetings…

‘Sut aeth hi?’ - how did it go
‘Sut mae pethau?’ - how are things
‘Sut mae pethau acw?’ - how are things over there
‘Sut mae’r hwyliau?’ - how’s the mood
‘Sut hwyliau?’ - as above
‘Ti’n iawn?’ - you ok
‘Sut mae’r gwaith yn mynd?’ - how’s (the) work going
‘Ydy petha’n iawn efo chdi?’ - are things ok with you

Hope this helps.


Is it likely that I’ve heard “shwmae’r hwyl” (singular) in these parts.
How do you greet Aran when he’s had a particularly hard day at the coalface? :smile:

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Diolch yn fawr - those options are just what I need:

‘‘Sut aeth hi’’ is the nearest to French, Italian and Spanish.

Comment ca va?
Va bene?
Come va? (Come being sut and va being aeth)

I have heard Eirwen saying ‘‘Sut mae pethau’’

It’s a phrase we tend to use a few times a day so now I have a variety of options to choose from. Diolch