How I remember Welsh words

Diddorol I like this word because it’s interesting
Llongyfarchiadau I congratulate myself on remembering this word.
Digalon I never get fed up using this word
Cyfle .I use this word at every opportunity
Meddwl I think this is a useful word.
Clywed You’ll hear this word a lot
Anghofio Don’t forget this word
Cysgu Might have to sleep on this one
Dathlu This is a good word to celebrate
Defnyddio Use this word often
Dygwydd I happen to like this word
Gobeithio We hope lockdown will end soon.
Esbonio Easy word to explain
Gwella I need to improve my Welsh
Mwynhau Enjoy this word as much as you can
Paratoi Prepare to see this word often
Ymdopi You’ll learn to cope with this word
Symud Ok, time to move on
Trafod We’ll discuss this word later
Torri Time for a break
Ymddiheuro Iapologise for this long word
Teimlo I feel it’s time to finish now.

So how do you remember Welsh words?


Mae hynny’n dibynnu
Sounds so funny
A bilingual poem! :laughing:

“Mae hynny’n dibynnu” = “that depends”

I think gwych is an excellent word to describe this system! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great list @RobMorganHere’s a couple I’ve picked up:
Mae’n dibynnu (it depends) - mind the bunny
Adeiladau (buildings) - add a ladder (because every builder needs a ladder!) Thanks to Lois Arnold for this one in E-Ffrinduau

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This is BRILLIANT! :slight_smile:

Brilliant! Thanks Rob.
I sometimes find breaking the words down to understand them better helps me, and shows what a brilliant language Welsh is eg:
Digalon (I hadn’t come across this word before) = fed up / dis-heartened
Diwylliant = culture/ un-wildness


Gwych! Diolch yn fawr, Rob.

Edrych yn y drych
(to look in the mirror)


Very clever.

There are certain words that I mix up. In order to distinguish them, I try to put them together in silly sentences or phrases.

Mae gwenyn yn gwneud gwenwyn yn y Gwanwyn.
Bees make poison in the Spring. (Apologies to the much maligned bees.)
gwydd gwyrdd gwych
a fine green goose
Mae cacynen ar y cacennau.
There is a wasp on the cakes. (Diolch @johnwilliams_6)
Torrais i asgwrn yn fy arddwrn.
I broke a bone in my wrist.
Llithrodd y llythyr i lawr y llethr llithrig.
The letter slipped down the slippery slope.
Mae Aelod Cynulliad yn y gynulleidfa.
There is an Assembly Member in the audience.
Dw i’n osgoi gosod y dannedd gosod yn y gofod.
I avoid placing the false teeth in the space.
Mae’r gwas wedi gwasgu’r gwastraff i’r bin gwag.
The servant has pressed the waste into the empty bin.
Roedd y rhwyd ​​yn rhwystr, ond cafodd e’n rhydd o’r rhwyd yn rhwydd.
The net was an obstacle, but he got free of the net easily.
Aeth hi’n syth i fyny’r llethr sych serth, ond serch hynny ffindodd hi ddim serch.
She went straight up the steep dry slope, but in spite of that she found no love.



Here’s another one:
Don’t set fire to the hire car!
Paid a llosgi’r car llogi!